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An integrated solution – Optimised planning of timetables, blocks, duties, and rosters

Trapeze Planning System consists of a number of integrated tools for timetables, blocks, duties and rosters. Our customers are convinced by the numerous advantages our system has to offer. Trapeze Planning System lets you easily and quickly prepare efficient and optimised services for public transport.

Timetable Planning

The advanced GIS function in Trapeze Planning System makes it very easy to produce and work with timetable data and other types of data such as driving patterns, trips, distance calculation as well as arrival and departure times. There are se-veral ways to view the generated timetable data and the routes are exactly visualised on the geographic map. The map also allows the access to various information – for instance about distances. By adding validity periods to the routes it is furthermore very easy to incorporate changes to the service needs.

Day-to-day operations

To make day-to-day operations as flexible as possible, the module is not subject to rigid working procedures. Compared to other timetable solutions, Trapeze Planning System offers the greatest flexibility and speed for both regional transport companies with often highly varied routes and validations as well as in urban transport with regular services. Naturally, data consistency is safeguarded.

Blocks and duties

Trapeze Planning System supports transport companies every step of the way from timetables to duty plans. The system can be used to develop and graphically revise block plans. The block plans provide the basis for runcutting. One of the best optimisation algorithms  on the market is used to automatically generate optimum duty plans. Using the Trapeze Planning system ensures that all the targets and conditions entered by the planner are taken into account in the generated duty rosters and all blocks are allocated to duty  components.

Trapeze’s Optimising Module generates efficient duty plans

Based on trip and block data, a unique algorithm is used to generate duty plans that comply with all rules and regulations, including any internal agreements, quickly and efficiently. The duty plans can be edited manually before they are finalised.

Roster lists and duty plans – Overview in short and long-term planning

Trapeze Planning System is an efficient tool that streamlines and simplifies duty planning, day-to-day duty management and staff administration. Many companies use a roster system in their duty planning. Trapeze Planning System has an advanced algorithm that helps companies create optimised solutions. The user can choose to use roster templates which make roster creation and maintenance easier and more efficient. Roster templates are individual templates that companies can create, edit and adapt to changing needs.

Transport tenders – Optimisation and processing of tenders

When planning operations and processing transport tenders, the primary aim is to identify avoidable personnel and vehicle costs in order to quickly achieve a noticeable improvement in operating profit. Improving the productive time by only a few minutes is clearly  noticeable in the course of the year.

Trapeze Planning System modules provide solutions for efficient planning. Trapeze also offers a range of consulting services from which both transport companies and authorities profit.

We consider all interrelated operations

Trapeze optimisation modules contain powerful algorithms with a range of very finely adjustable parameters, which provide stable and optimal results in the shortest time, even when there are multiple and contradictory targets.

Targets can be achieved in many ways.  Choosing the right one is what counts. We consider all influencing factors because only comprehensive planning and optimisation can take account of the specific consequences and provide the best possible results for your organisation.

Passenger information

Trapeze Planning System allows passengers to plan their journey via diverse media (timetable booklet, Internet).

Passengers can obtain the necessary transport information anytime and anywhere. The system allows public transport companies to prepare their own stop tables, printed timetables and other printed passenger information in customised layouts and formats.

Business Info

Trapeze Planning System can generate statistics and key data on whether plans and production targets have been met. The data can concern income, expenditure and profitability and can be distributed on lines, zones, operating areas, contracts and much more. With  the production calculation in Trapeze System, the scheduler will get valuable statistics to support planning. Aggregated timetable data can be calculated on the basis of mileage and hours per line, block, vehicle group, contract etc.

These calculations and statistics also   form the basis of settlements between operators and the authorities.


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