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Bus on Demand for citizens in the German Vechta region

Århus, Denmark - March 10, 2015

The Vechta region in the German state of Lower Saxony has introduced a new transport concept, moobil+, which makes it possible for citizens to get a bus on demand. More precisely, citizens can order a bus for pre-defined bus stops.  

In other words, moobil+ combines fixed route and on demand transport. Covering the whole county, it connects citizens in rural areas to main city and regional train stations. Passengers can book their trips in a convenient way, directly from an online journey planner. While selected major stops are serviced on a regular basis, others are covered only on demand.

With this new transport concept, the traffic authorities in Vechta have been able to reduce operating costs, as well as pollution. At the same time, even those people in sparsely populated areas can easily access public transport.

moobil+ has been running as a pilot project in Vechta for 15 months and, in February, the German minister of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies, visited Vechta to see how the  project has quickly developed into a successful transport service for citizens throughout the region. Citizens of all ages have been very pleased with the new service.

The Vechta project has received considerable attention in Germany. Below, you will find links to a television clip and a news article about the project - both are in German:

Watch television interview with Minister Olaf Lies: moobil+ Bus
Read article: Lies lobt “mobil+”-Projekt – Niedersachsens Wirtschaftsminister sieht flächendeckendes Modell als Ziel

Trapeze has delivered the software, which Vechta uses for planning and operation of the new transport concept. Click here  to read more about moobil+ and the Trapeze T.DiMo software (the text is in German).

For further information about moobil+ or the Trapeze T.DiMo software, please contact:

Trapeze Group Deutschland
Udo Steinmeier, Sales Manager
Tel. +49 40 530031-10

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