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Optymalizacja z Trapeze Optimisation [ENG]

Optimisation – for transport operators and authorities

The most efficient operation plans

Expenses for staff and vehicles make up the largest part of the costs in the public transport sector. For this reason alone, focus on planning is essential.

Only a few minutes of daily wasted time for vehicles or employees could be very costly on an annual basis. Trapeze offers a range of consultancy services which can help improve results for operating companies and public transport authorities alike.

Solutions for operating companies

Today, operating companies are dynamic enterprises that constantly have to adjust to ever changing service levels, tasks and requirements. The ability to adapt easily and quickly to conditional changes can mean a considerable difference in a highly competitive industry.

Adaptation means that companies continuously have to assess the efficiency of their planning and the profitability of their plans.

Planning is a complex task, and even the slightest adjustments and changes may have a surprisingly large impact on the bottom line.

Often it is difficult even for very experienced planners to maintain an overview of all the aspects involved in the planning and to predict the consequences that changes have.

We offer our customers help creating efficient plans.

Solutions for authorities

Combining and calculating tender packages is a considerable task for many traffic providers.

Changes in demographics, subsidies, work and housing conditions etc. require continuous evaluation and innovation of routes, blocks, service supply and service level. Different solution proposals based on different weighted criteria must be prepared, evaluated and  consequences must be calculated.

Trapeze has the necessary expertise and the tools to help our customers establish efficient planning solutions.


We do things differently – and take a holistic approach

Traditionally, vehicle and staff planning are performed as two consecutive tasks – with little or no interaction between them. Trapeze does things differently. We review the overall planning and analyse the effect of the changes all the way through the planning process.

For example:

  • A small change in the timetable or a change in the length of a block may have a large impact on the overall costs
  • A desired staff cost reduction of 5 % cannot necessarily be implemented by reducing the timetable time by 5 %.
  • Transition time can be inappropriate for the driver to such an extent that it may result in several extra minutes of daily waiting time for the vehicle.


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