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System Trapeze TravelMate [ENG]

When will the vehicle I booked arrive? Has the booking office got my new telephone number? How can I cancel a trip I have booked?

Staff at the booking office hear such questions often, and they spend a lot of time answering them. There is now a very simple solution, which can help people find the answers themselves via PC, tablet or smartphone. Rather than ringing, passengers can now use a self-service feature to access trip information and deal with various tasks themselves whenever it suits them.

Trapeze TravelMate is an app and web-based service for people who are eligible for special transport. Travel Mate gives passengers quick and easy access to information on their trips and allows quick and easy cancellation of trips and updating of personal data.


ITS oraz systemy biletowe

+41 58 911 11 11

Planowanie I zarządzanie operacyjne

+45 87 44 16 00

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