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System zarządzania operacyjnego - Trapeze Operations Management System [ENG]

An ingrated solution – One of the most powerful systems on the market

The Trapeze Operations Management System consists of a set of modular tools which substantially reduce effort in day-to-day tasks and streamline results. It supports duty and roster planning, staff and vehicle management, employee communication, and automated wage calculation.

The solution ensures effective use of personnel and vehicles and provides a constant, detailed view of the status of each working day.

An integrated, modular system

The Trapeze Operations Management System consists of functional building blocks which can be combined to meet the customer’s requirements.


Long-term and medium-term planning

The Trapeze Operations Management System is an efficient tool which simplifies and streamlines the generation of duty plans, daily employee allocation and personnel administration. In many enterprises, long-term and medium-term roster planning can reduce the cost of staff management, optimise paid working hours, and ensure a fairer spread of unpopular shift assignment.

Tailored rosters

The Roster module makes it easy to generate rosters and enables efficient, optimised planning, which takes into account all the rules and requirements and both external and internal agreements and contracts, as well as the validity of the individual duties.

Absence recording

Trapeze Absence Planner enables the planning and entry of forward staff absences such as holidays, compensation for overtime, maternity leave and illness.


Day-to-day management – A clear view of daily management activities

For day-to-day staff management, a clear overview and good software support are absolutely essential. Incorrect shift assignments can create unnecessarily high costs for the organisation. The Trapeze Duty Manager module allows planned and unplanned changes to activities to be dealt with simply. Replacement staff can be contacted and assigned either automatically or manually. It updates time accounts automatically, and at the same time it ensures that all collective agreements and working practice rules are respected.


Medium-term employee allocation

The system provides the planner with full support for the costeffective assignment of unfilled shift positions to suitably qualified staff members while respecting labour legislation and contractual conditions.


Short-term employee allocation

System messages warn of work rule violations, and individual employee balances are displayed for quick reference: standard time, hours today, plus/minus hours, and much more.Trapeze Business Info helps managers see whether performance targets are being met and whether adjustments are necessary, by extracting KPIs for analysis and reporting.


Complete overview of employee attendance

Trapeze system gives complete overview of employee attendance and the daily dispatch of vehicles. The tool helps the dispatcher to ensure that employees are punctual for work.


Wage calculation

A complete, logical set of rules enables the user to model varying and complex rate structures. Current data for all employee accounts is always available. Statistical reports and cost views can be created very simply at any time.


Vehicle management – Long-term management and daily adjustments

Trapeze Vehicle Manager supports planning and vehicle allocation and makes it easier to handle the daily work regarding sudden changes and necessary adjustments. The system also considers vehicle equipment and performance which enables you to utilise your vehicles optimally. The result is quick and optimised daily vehicle management.


Optimising your fleet utilisation

Trapeze's solution is ideal for long-term vehicle management and daily adjustments and ensures that the right vehicles are assigned to the blocks.


Trapeze Business Intelligence

Trapeze Business Info helps managers see whether performance targets are being met and whether adjustments are necessary, by extracting KPIs for analysis and reporting.



  • Cost distribution by department, company, and corporation
  • Monthly key figures compared to budget
  • Up-to-date reports at all times
  • Ad hoc reporting


Employee communication

Communication between the company and its transport staff is often difficult due to variable work locations and geographical separation. Trapeze offers a variety of solutions for precisely this problem: Web-based solutions, solutions using text messaging or App for Smartphones. This not only improves communication and the exchange of information, but at the same time makes signing in and time recording much simpler.

Easy access to company information

Employees can gain access to information from Trapeze solutions using different media sources: Trapeze CrewWeb, Trapeze CrewApp or Trapeze CrewSMS. The available information varies depending on the solution, but employees are for instance able to:

  • View their own shift plan and that of colleagues incl. an individual shift status in a given period.
  • Gain an overview of the content of performed work and view the nominal and effective work hours.
  • Request specific work hours or time off
  • View current and planned time off and absences
  • Register pre-attendance
  • Sign in and out
  • Receive messages and information from the operations office
  • Sign up for extra work
  • Register work and overtime


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